You can do better,with us!

Our values


Our Purpose of Existence

We offer value by providing   the fastest and most innovative service,  information, knowledge and guidance, promoting the safety and protection of human life.



Our Vision

To be a leader where we have a presence, maintaining our flexibility and our people as a source of our strength to move our network across the nation,creating high standard stores in every county in Greece.


Our values

        *  We are always pioneers, we never follow others.

        *  Learning for us means  constantly adapting to new conditions for

        achieving the impossible and continuous personal improvement.

        *  We work in a team and with selflessness.

        *  We show respect and courtesy to all our customers and partners

        with mutual understanding, open communication, a sense of justice,

        we are looking at different angles.

        *  We work disciplined with simple procedures, and participate in their development.

        *  We are responsible for our actions and the successful outcome of our actions.